Small Groups

The Small groups are a helpful way to find your place in the life of Larnaka Community Church.

Sunday morning Church can be a large impersonal gathering, and a place that is difficult to forge new meaningful relationship. That is why small groups are a necessary part of growth together in God's Church. You can think of it this way, if the Sunday morning service is like the hustle and bustle of a 'city', a small group represent a 'village' where life is slower; an easier and more comfortable place to get to know people.

Great emphasis is placed on encouragement and practical support. Group interactions lead to close friendships and mutual trust. This security encourages openness, and gives people confidence to share and develop their gifts. This benefits the group and, ultimately, the whole church.

House groups also play an important role in outreach (e.g. Alpha programme), by integrating new believers into the church. Thus, the groups are living organisms, drawing people closer in love and unity and leading to spiritual development and numerical growth.


  • To draw closer to God and closer to one another.
  • To generate love and mutual respect.
  • To support one another and provide practical help, as necessary.
  • To stimulate people to share experiences and express views.
  • To discover and develop gifts in a friendly environment.
  • To encourage people to take up ministry roles.
  • To undertake outreach activities in the local community.

    Meetings are held on weekdays in various venues around Larnaca, and online.
    (to request further information ,or to be introduced to one of the small group leaders on a Sunday morning, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  • Ladies Bible Study - Monday 10am online and in-person.
  • 20-30's group on Tuesday evenings.
  • All age Bible study Wednesday's at 7pm (Online).
  • Regular Saturday morning discussion groups (Online).

Not convinced about the need to join a small group? Take a look at this by Mindy Caliguire.

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