Our Structure

The church acknowledges the Scriptures as its sole authority in matters of faith and practice. It is subject to the control of no other ecclesiastical body, but has a special relationship with the Greek Evangelical Church, Larnaca, under whose auspices it has legal standing. It is also a member of the Evangelical Alliance of Cyprus.

Larnaca Community Church is led by pastor / elders in accordance with 1 Peter 5:2-3, who are practically supported by a team of deacons Acts 6.

The church attaches great importance to identifying spiritual gifts, abilities and experience, and then directing these resources into the most appropriate areas of ministry. This generates spiritual growth, family values, mutual support, provide training, and encourage a sense of service within Larnaca Community Church. Outreach and evangelistic activities seek to promote an awareness of the love of God, through service and outreach into the local community. For each ministry, these are set out in a ministry profile.

Ministry teams comprise a team leader, together with a number of co-workers. The size of the teams is variable, depending on the activities of each ministry. In some cases, a team may consist of a single person. The elders liaise with and encourage ministry teams. A vision for ministry strategy is used to stimulate interest and growth of groups within the church. The elders adopt an open access policy, whereby team leaders and teams can meet with the elders whenever necessary.

Each ministry team operates to clear, well-defined standards and guidelines. Teams have delegated authority, with responsibility, to manage the activities of their particular ministry. The elders meet regularly with each ministry team, in order to keep abreast of developments, and to encourage and envision the team. The executive provides practical and financial support, whenever possible, to assist the work of the ministry teams.

Team members, working with children and young people, must be registered under the current child protection legislations. Registration formalities include vetting to ensure the suitability of each person to work with young people.

Every ministry team worker is accountable to the other members of the team, to the church leadership, and to the whole church membership.

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